//Top conservative lawyers back ‘expeditious’ Trump impeachment inquiry – live

Top conservative lawyers back ‘expeditious’ Trump impeachment inquiry – live

Group including Kellyanne Conway’s husband George say ‘undisputed’ events around Trump phone call require ‘expeditious’ investigation

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Just as Trump needs his congressional allies the most to help push back against the impeachment inquiry, the president is alienating many Republican lawmakers with his decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria.

One of Trump’s biggest boosters in the Senate, Lindsey Graham, has already unveiled a bipartisan plan to sanction Turkey for launching a military operation in the region.

I am pleased to have reached a bipartisan agreement with Senator @ChrisVanHollen on severe sanctions against Turkey for their invasion of Syria. While the Administration refuses to act against Turkey, I expect strong bipartisan support. pic.twitter.com/Ph5fIVt7k3

President Trump’s decision to suddenly withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria has angered evangelical Christian leaders and Republican hawks, cleaving his political coalition at the very moment he is trying to fortify his standing to survive the intensifying impeachment inquiry in Congress.

Instead of enjoying uncontested GOP support as he plunges into a constitutional showdown with House Democrats and prepares for a bruising reelection campaign, Trump is now fighting on two fronts within his party. …

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Sixteen prominent conservative lawyers are adding their names to the list of supporters of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.

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