//Sweet potato dal soup, Sweet potato masoor dal soup

Sweet potato dal soup, Sweet potato masoor dal soup


Sweet potato masoor dal soup with simple ingredients available at home to keep yourself warm this winter. Stepwise photos, full video recipe.

Though I am was almost going to try another baking recipe, got reminded myself my waistline can’t afford another one after the crinkle cookies. Therefore in contrast, tried this sweet potato masoor dal soup. Not even a single time I thought about trying this earlier. Some how when I was browsing the list of soups here, this was catchy for me.

To be honest, I am not a soup person, nothing excites me much other than some popular restaurant style soups. Thus this is purely a blogging sake try and I consume something healthy as well. In addition, masoor dal is not a common buy in my list of groceries. I had some organic from Wildseed, so wanted to use it up as well. Perfect recipe right?

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Of course I modified to suit my taste buds as well as the things in my pantry. I used coconut oil just randomly for this recipe, but it was the best addition. Actually I was surprised by the flavors while I was cooking. I just loved this soup. Obviously, Vj liked it very much as well. Do give it a try if you have both in hands for this winter, you will never be disappointed.


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I used the Indian kind of yellow sweet potato, but if you can get the orangish ones, the colour also will be accordingly on the orange hue side. This recipe is also easily vegan/ vegetarian. I used milk, alternatively you can use light coconut milk too.

Here, I used Instant pot to make this (Yes! I have an Instant pot now). However, you can adapt this to make it in our regular pressure cooker or slow cook in pot too.

If you want to try the same in pressure cooker, same method, give two whistles.

Sweet potato masoor dal soup method:

  1. Remove the lid of Instant pot, start in Saute mode – Normal heat for 10 mins.
  2. First, add oil and tip in finely chopped ginger, garlic. Give it a stir. In goes sliced onion and fry for 1 min.
  3. Then, add peeled, cubed sweet potato to this, along with sambar powder/ curry powder, turmeric. Give a quick fry. In goes chopped coriander leaves, 2 cups water. Cancel saute mode.
  4. Pressure cook for 5 mins in High pressure. Turn off keep warm. Once done, let the pressure release naturally (may take upto 15 mins). Open the lid.
  5. Use a immersion blender to blend smoothly. After that, add required salt, pour in the milk.
  6. Mix well. Press Saute mode – Normal again for 10 mins.
  7. Bring to boil. Mix well and switch off (Cancel saute mode). Lastly, squeeze the lime.
  8. Mix to serve hot.
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  • You can use orange variety of sweet potato too.
  • If using coconut milk, try using the light one or dilute it and use if it is thick. This will ensure to retain flavor balance.
  • Curry powder is available in most of the Asian food section in super markets. But I used my own sambar powder.

Serve with a swirl of cream/ coconut milk and some coriander leaves. Season with black pepper finally, if needed.


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