//Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups

Crunchy pretzel crust, creamy cheesecake filling and fresh fruit join forces in this easy, no-bake recipe for Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups.

The best Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups topped with whipped cream

The pairing of pretzels and berries in dessert form most commonly pops up on the interwebs as “strawberry pretzel salad.” The concoction includes a crushed pretzel crust, strawberry Jell-O filling and store-bought whipped topping. I’m not sure how “salad” made it’s way into the nomenclature, but it sure beats greens, in my book!

Melted butter being poured over crushed pretzels in clear glass bowl

I’ve reimagined this traditional favorite into a fully homemade treat with all of the classic elements of the original… and then some.

We’ve got a crushed pretzel base, a tangy no-bake cheesecake filling (to replace the Jell-O), diced fresh strawberries and a hearty dollop of my not-so-secret ingredient homemade whipped cream.

Handheld beater over glass bowl containing creamy cheesecake mixture

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups hit all the right flavor notes, but beyond the perfect balance of tangy cheesecake and sweet berries, they also can be prepared in advance and assembled right before serving.

Keep each component separate, with the crushed pretzels stored at room temp in an airtight container and the cheesecake filling, strawberries and whipped cream all stored separately in airtight containers in the fridge.

Piped cheesecake over crushed pretzels in individual dessert cups

Grab your serving glasses (or bowls) of choice then layer the pretzels, cheesecake, berries and whipped cream for a dessert that does double-duty as eye-catching tabletop décor!

Easy Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups

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The best Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups topped with whipped cream


Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups

  • 4
  • 3
    unsalted butter, melted
  • 2
    (8-oz.) packages cream cheese, at room temp
  • 3
    heavy cream
  • 2
    lemon zest
  • 2
    lemon juice
  • 1/4
    white sugar
  • 2
    vanilla extract
  • 2
    chopped strawberries
  • Homemade or store-bought whipped cream, for topping

Add the pretzels to the bowl of a food processor and pulse until finely ground. (See Kelly’s Note.) Add the pretzels to a medium bowl then stir in the melted butter until the mixture is well-combined. Set aside.

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment (or using a handheld mixer), beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add the heavy cream, lemon zest, lemon juice, sugar and vanilla extract and beat until smooth and creamy. 

Divide the pretzel mixture among serving cups, reserving a portion to sprinkle atop the cups as garnish.

Spoon the cream cheese mixture on top of the pretzels. (Alternately, transfer it to a piping bag or plastic bag, snip off the tip and pipe the mixture into the cups.)

Spoon the chopped strawberries atop the cream cheese mixture.

Spoon the whipped cream atop the strawberries then garnish with the reserved pretzel crumbs. Serve.

Kelly’s Note:

If you don’t have a food processor, you can crush the pretzels in a sealed plastic bag.

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Nutrition Facts

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups

Amount Per Serving

Calories 333
Calories from Fat 90

% Daily Value*

Fat 10g15%

Saturated Fat 6g38%

Cholesterol 26mg9%

Sodium 681mg30%

Potassium 146mg4%

Carbohydrates 55g18%

Fiber 3g13%

Sugar 12g13%

Protein 6g12%

Vitamin A 285IU6%

Vitamin C 31mg38%

Calcium 24mg2%

Iron 3mg17%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.