//SHAPIRO: Weirdly, Nancy Pelosi Only Invokes Catholicism When It’s Convenient

SHAPIRO: Weirdly, Nancy Pelosi Only Invokes Catholicism When It’s Convenient

On Thursday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” the Daily Wire editor-in-chief talks about Nancy Pelosi bizarrely berating a reporter for asking if she “hates” President Trump. Video and partial transcript below: 

Basically, according to Nancy Pelosi, it is these lawyers who came forward who changed the entire nature of the ballgame …

It did not change the nature of the ballgame. It was basically a bunch of lawyers who are Democrats who came forward and said that Trump should be impeached, and then one lawyer who apparently is also a Democrat who said Trump should not be impeached. That is not dispositive; that’s not how this works. 

So Nancy Pelosi says that, then she has this very wild moment where she’s about to walk off stage, and James Rosen, who’s a reporter formerly for Fox News, he asks her whether this is all based on hatred for Trump — because that, of course, is what Republicans and Trump have been alleging, is that this is all about personal animus, that Democrats want Trump out; this isn’t about anything that is legally based; that there is no actual crime that’s been committed here. And Nancy Pelosi turns around and starts to berating him in the most bizarre possible fashion. 

If this were a Republican, the media would be talking about how unhinged this is. If this were a Republican — if Mitch McConnell did this — the media would be talking about how McConnell had lost his cool, about how McConnell was going crazy. As it is, the media are talking about Nancy Pelosi’s righteous indignation standing up for the Constitution of the United States, but what she says here is patently nuts. Here’s Nancy Pelosi saying [paraphrasing] “No, it’s not about hatred of Trump. Also, as a Catholic, I’m offended you used the word hate in the same sentence with me.”

Really, we’re going to go here now? Seriously, it’s an attack on your religion if you say that you, a Democrat, hates the president? That you hate the president, that is an attack on your Catholicism? By the way, the convenient Catholic card is one of the more irritating points about Nancy Pelosi — a woman who backs abortion on demand, the suggestion that men can become women, and same-sex marriage sponsored by the federal government, none of which are positions of the Catholic Church.

She’s a very convenient Catholic when it comes to invoking her Catholicism for purposes of outrage. Here’s Nancy Pelosi getting very angry that anyone would suggest that this impeachment effort is about personality rather than actual crimes and misdemeanors:

PELOSI: I don’t hate anybody. I was raised in a Catholic house, we don’t hate anybody — not anybody in the world. Don’t you accuse me of — 

JOURNALIST: I did not accuse you. 

PELOSI: You did, you did. 

JOURNALIST: I asked a question …

PELOSI: This is about the Constitution of the United States and the facts that lead to the president’s violation of his oath of office, and as a Catholic, I resent you using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me. 

How dare you! As a Catholic, I’m gonna call the pope over here and the pope is gonna tell you how mean you are. We’re going to get Francis in here and he’s gonna tell you that you are not allowed to use the word hate with me, Nancy Pelosi, a woman who believes that abortion should be legal all the way until birth on demand for any reason. We’ll get the pope right in here, man, right here. 

By the way, does that look like a person who doesn’t hate the president right there? Just gonna ask that — Does that seem like a person who is very calmly and solidly just pointing out the law — that she really is centered? The rest of that clip is even wilder. She starts the clip and she starts waving her hands around, talking about how the president, she thinks he’s a coward on gun control and a coward on climate change, and those are all political questions. 

But this right here, this is a matter of standing up for the Constitution. Does anyone believe this crap? No one believes this. The media are orgasming over it, of course. The media are just orgasmic — over the moon over all of it. But does it really make a difference to the American people? I would suggest probably not. 

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