//Roasted cumin powder, bhuna jeera powder

Roasted cumin powder, bhuna jeera powder



Roasted cumin powder, also known as bhuna jeera powder has a lot of cullinary uses as well as it has medicinal uses with it’s amazing properties.

I have a range of spice powders in my fridge always. Since most of my everyday cooking is south Indian, I wont be using these everyday yet I need once in a while. The climatic condition and my storage at times never let these powder stay fresh, so I dedicate a rack in my fridge for these masala powders. I have shared a click of it in my Instagram stories a few years back.

One such powder which is very handy for me is this roasted cumin seeds powder/ bhuna jeera as it is commonly known among the north part of India.



What are the cullinary uses of roasted cumins seeds powder/ Bhuna jeera?

Add a sprinkle to north Indian gravies towards the end for excellent flavour.
Sprinkle a little in the vatha kuzhambu before switching off.
Add in Bajji batter/ pakora batter.
Include in Aloo paratha stuffing.

Health Benefit of bhuna jeera/ roasted cumin powder for which I use it:

I use mainly for digestion. Add a little to buttermilk or salted lassi to aid digestion.

Store in an airtight container and use it as needed.