//Olivia Munn Touts Her Kamala Harris Christmas Sweater: ‘Deck The Halls With Smart, Strong Women, Kamala La La La La La La’

Olivia Munn Touts Her Kamala Harris Christmas Sweater: ‘Deck The Halls With Smart, Strong Women, Kamala La La La La La La’

Actress Olivia Munn is helping to make the season bright with a Kamala Harris-themed Christmas sweater.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the “X-Men” actress said that she is getting in the “Kamalidays” spirit by decking the halls with “smart, strong women.”

“Happy Kamalidays!! My new fave holiday shirt by,” she captioned the post as she shared a photo of her new beloved sweater.

Happy Kamalidays!! My new fave holiday shirt by @meenaharris ❤️💚 pic.twitter.com/klf7r9flwx

— Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) December 23, 2020

“Love it! I showed it to my 11-year-old daughter and she said, ‘Yes! Every woman needs one of those!’” tweeted one enthusiastic user.

“I used to sing ‘Come, they told me BA-RACK-O-BAM-A’ to little drummer boy and I can’t ever hear the song without it now,” tweeted another user.

Other users were far more negative, trashing Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) for her relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

“She exchanged sex for position. Yeah there are plenty of leftist women who are strong, but that’s not a hill to die on,” tweeted one user.

“I don’t know how to break this to you honey but smart strong women don’t sleep their way to the top. If it wasn’t for Willie Brown should still be a low level lawyer in California,” tweeted another.

Others were more critical of Harris’ tough prosecutorial record.

“Smart, strong, sure, but good or worth celebrating? Hardly. While she did implement some modest reforms, she also ruthlessly prosecuted the drug war and withheld evidence in multiple death penalty cases. She should be in prison, not the White House,” tweeted one user.

Earlier this year, after Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris would be his running-mate for the 2020 election, actress Jessica Chastain posted a video showing off her daughter’s collection of dolls bearing the likenesses of powerful political women, including the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Sen. Kamala Harris.

“A lot of kids play with Marvel characters and Barbies and that’s fine, but my kid … she plays with superheroes,” Chastain said in the video as she displayed her Kamala Harris doll. “Hello, Madame Vice President.”

Queen Veep <3 @JoeBiden choose @KamalaHarris as his running mate and me & my kid are HERE FOR IT pic.twitter.com/FTTISnafiw

— Jessica Chastain (@jes_chastain) August 11, 2020

Should the Democrats gain control of the Senate through the Georgia runoff election this coming January, Harris could potentially become the most powerful person in America by having the tie-breaking vote for any piece of legislation or judicial appointment. Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Noah Bierman advised she tread that line carefully.

“Appear too ambitious or gain too much attention, and Biden’s inner circle begins worrying about her political motives, and knives come out among other Democrats who covet the White House. Step off message and she could get frozen out,” wrote Bierman. “Women are often unfairly scrutinized for seeking power, and more often than men are called ambitious in a negative way.”

“Yet Harris is keenly aware that the challenge of seeming to be a team player would exist for anyone serving beside a president widely viewed as a transitional figure, according to interviews with current and former advisors, historians, former government officials and advocates,” he added.

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