//KLAVAN: Biden Is A Ventriloquist’s Dummy – And The Press Knows It

KLAVAN: Biden Is A Ventriloquist’s Dummy – And The Press Knows It

On Friday, Joe Biden proclaimed, “I’m going to beat Joe Biden.”

If he does, he’ll be the only person on the Left with the integrity to do what needs to be done.

Recently, the bottomless memory of the internet unearthed an old routine from comedian Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.” Since this was from back in the Obama era, leftist TV comics felt confident enough to take a very occasional swing at their own side. This routine had Jon Stewart looking at the famous picture of then-Vice President Joe Biden creepily nuzzling a very uncomfortable looking red-haired girl. Stewart tries to wash his eyes out and screams in agony as the image won’t go away.

Stewart then interviews Samantha Bee, now almost famous for slinging unfunny four letter words in the direction of the White House. Here, Bee plays a reporter who’s just come from interviewing the Vice President and still has his handprints on her breasts and backside. Yet she’s tremendously excited because, “The Vice President shook my hand! Can you believe it!”

Now, this was before what we now know to be the completely hypocritical #MeToo Charade. It was still legal in most states to laugh at the grotesque stuff some men get up to in trying to scratch the itch that bedevils us all. Still, it’s pretty clear from this that leftists like Stewart and Bee knew who Biden was – and knew also that the press would continue to be thrilled by his presence no matter how sleazily he behaved.

But Biden’s not just sleazy. He’s also corrupt and mentally compromised – and leftists know that too. They’ve covered his lies and his plagiarism in the past. Even George Stephanopoulos pressed him recently when he lied and said he knew nothing about the investigation into Michael Flynn. Biden corrected himself, but didn’t think to add what came out a few days later: he’d actually asked to unmask Flynn himself.

As for the failing of his mental faculties – go on YouTube and find virtually any video of Biden speaking a year or two ago. The difference is amazing. As I noted on my podcast many months ago, he is deteriorating in front of us.

Why then does the press continue to front for him? They abandoned the #MeToo Charade to protect him. They continue to dismiss Obamagate though the Attorney General has called the Democrat Russian collusion hoax “a grave injustice… unprecedented in American history.” And really, the non-sequiturs that come out of Biden’s mouth should make even a Democrat mouthpiece like Chuck Todd turn ashen. 

There are those on the Left who are willing to accept anything if it will get Donald Trump out of the White House. But clearly, there is a huge contingent on the Left who feel that Biden’s emptiness is a feature rather than a bug. His role is to appear to be what Democrats used to be so that Democrats can use him as cover to smuggle in the socialism they now represent. He’s a ventriloquist’s dummy who looks like a centrist Democrat but will speak with the voice of the far Left.

Bernie Sanders was asked recently if his socialist supporters will bet behind Joe. He said – with a smile reminiscent of a canary-eating cat – “Joe and his staff… are gonna reach out to our supporters and come up with an agenda…” that supports their cause.

More to the point, Nancy Pelosi is flagrantly pushing a three trillion-dollar bailout plan that shifts one trillion dollars to the states. The agenda is to move taxes paid by wisely run states like Texas and Florida to poorly run states like New York, California, and New Jersey.

These blue states not only carry huge tax burdens – New York is number one, while Illinois, New Jersey, and California are numbers eight, nine, and ten – their services stink. New York’s infrastructure is the 44th best, New Jersey’s is 43rd. Low tax Texas has the best infrastructure and no tax Florida is number eight.

Where does all the blue state tax money go? Public sector pensions and endless Medicaid. In short, Pelosi wants to use taxes from capitalist states to prevent socialist states from devolving into Venezuela as they deserve.

All this will be pushed through with Joe Biden looking Bidenesque and saying nothing anyone can comprehend. That’s the plan anyway. Biden may be creepy. He may be corrupt. He may be unable to express a coherent thought. Never mind. Bernie and Nancy will do the talking for him.

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