//Ford Dealers Can Sell Bronco Sport Demos To Meet Demand

Ford Dealers Can Sell Bronco Sport Demos To Meet Demand

The Ford Bronco Sport is proving to be so popular that the automaker is now allowing dealerships to sell demo units to customers.

In a recent letter sent to dealers, Ford informed its dealers that they can sell the Bronco Sports that had formed part of its ‘Mannequin Program.’ This program provides dealers with up to two Bronco Sport models built to a pre-selected configuration that can be used for demo and test drive purposes.

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These vehicles had needed to be in service for 4 months or 4,000 miles but this requirement has now been eliminated, meaning they can now be sold, Cars Direct reports.

This change from Ford comes two months after a man in Florida purchased a Bronco Sport but was inadvertently sold a demo or mannequin model. The car manufacturer had requested that the man return the vehicle but ultimately decided to let him keep the demo model.

While the Ford Bronco Sport was somewhat lost in the shadows of the full-size Bronco following its global unveiling last year, it has proven to be extremely popular among shoppers, so much so that some dealerships have been slapping the SUV with markups of up to $10,000.

Perhaps key to the Bronco Sport’s popularity is the fact that it is well suited to both on- and off-road driving. In fact, a recent review revealed that the SUV can tackle some pretty treacherous terrain without breaking a sweat.

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