//Eric Trump Compares Pelosi To Football Player, Comments On Democrat That Scares Him Most

Eric Trump Compares Pelosi To Football Player, Comments On Democrat That Scares Him Most

The Trump Organization Executive Vice President Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s third child, slammed the media Wednesday night on Fox News after DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the FBI’s misconduct in surveilling the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

“The thing that’s most telling is CNN would not play a second of this sham today because it literally undercut the garbage that they’ve been spewing for the last two years … because it literally undercuts the narrative that most of the media has been spewing for the last two years,” Trump said, later adding, “They were working on impeachment all day long and it undercuts the nonsense that they’ve been spewing for the last two years. That’s how dishonest these people are, that’s how dishonest these people were, and you know Horowitz had some pretty damning testimony for these guys today.”

Trump talked about how he actually felt kind of sorry for Speaker Nancy Pelosi because she was locked into moving forward with impeachment and she could face negative political consequences regardless of how she acts.

“They have nothing. They know they have nothing and honestly, and the most unfortunate person in this whole thing is actually Nancy Pelosi,” Trump said. “I mean she’s kind of in a hysterical spot, she knows that the fundraising that my father has is going through the roof, she knows that their polls are going down the drain, my father’s polls are literally skyrocketing, especially if you look at the swing states, but she can’t get out of this, she’s too committed to this.”

Trump compared Pelosi to quarterbacks on the tail end of their careers who have no control anymore over their team.

“She has no control, it’s like a quarterback in the tail end of their career, she’s been in there for 32 years and they’re forced to play a game that they know is going to lose because they’re going to get to the Senate and this whole thing is going to blow,” Trump said. “So, she doesn’t want to play the game but you’ve got these radical leftists on the other side that are forcing her to, if she’s not going to play this game she’s going to lose her speakership but if she plays the game she knows she’s going to lose. Think about the predicament that she’s in, it’s actually kind of hysterical, all the while my father’s poll numbers are the best they’ve ever been and he’s raising an uncanny amount of money which puts him in the driver seat to beat any of these weakling candidates that they have on the other side.”

Regarding some of the Democrats that his father could face in the 2020 election, Trump said of Democrat billionaire presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, “First of all, he’s got no charisma. Second of all, he’s spent a lot of money already and he’s still at 5%, 4%, right? My father jumped into the race and he was at 20% virtually day one, right? So, I think you see a little bit of a dichotomy. Third of all, look at all the swing states and look at all the states that you need to win, how well does a soda tax go over? How does banning any soda over 8 ounces go over? People in Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and Michigan and all these places don’t want to be told how big the soda have can be. And then, last but not least, if you look at the hardcore lefties, they hate him.”

Trump mocked Joe Biden, saying, “One day he’s talking about the gut and the heart and the other day he’s talking about a being pool [lifeguard] and having kids rub his blonde leg hair. I mean, he’s got exactly zero chance, it’s got exactly zero chance.”

Trump concluded by saying that none of the 2020 Democrats scare him and he thinks his father will easily win.

“I’m not worried about any of these guys,” Trump said. “We’re going to blow them out of the water, and I think honestly Nancy Pelosi is handing to my father, so keep going.”

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