//Coronavirus US: Miami to close beaches as cases rise in more than 30 states – live

Coronavirus US: Miami to close beaches as cases rise in more than 30 states – live

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3.52pm BST

Donald Trump’s motorcade has just arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Loudoun County, according to the White House press pool.

According to CNN senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju, this marks the 271st day he’s spent at one of his golf clubs in the 1,254 days since taking office.

Trump, who tweeted yesterday he canceled his NJ trip to ensure “LAW & ORDER is enforced,” just arrived at his Virginia golf club. It’s the 271st time he has been at one of his golf clubs and 363rd time at one of his properties in his presidency, per CNN tally

3.30pm BST

The brother of a 20-year-old student who was shot and seriously injured by police at a protest in Austin, Texas, says officers’ use of less lethal munitions, such as beanbags, should be reviewed. The AP reports:

When a participant at a rally in Austin to protest police brutality threw a rock at a line of officers in the Texas capital, officers responded by firing beanbag rounds ammunition that law enforcement deems “less lethal” than bullets.

A beanbag cracked 20-year-old Justin Howell’s skull and, according to his family, damaged his brain. Adding to the pain, police admit the Texas State University student wasn’t the intended target.

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