//Coronavirus US live: Trump hits back at ‘grossly incompetent’ Obama after critical remarks

Coronavirus US live: Trump hits back at ‘grossly incompetent’ Obama after critical remarks

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10.03pm BST

A Roman Catholic priest in the Detroit area is making headlines after using a squirt gun to shoot holy water in a bid to maintain social distancing.

Photos posted on social media by the St Ambrose Church show the Rev Tim Pelc shooting water into a car window as it stopped by the steps of the church on Easter. He wore a mask, face shield and rubber gloves as further precautions against spreading the coronavirus.

The photos of the priest at the church in Grosse Pointe Park have inspired memes online. One shows the 70-year-old priest amid the fires of hell directing the squirt gun at devil-like figures.

9.13pm BST

Joe Biden’s campaign has released a statement criticizing Eric Trump for ‘reckless’ comments that the coronavirus will “magically” disappear after Election Day.

The president’s son framed the coronavirus as a “very cognizant strategy” to undermine his father’s reelection prospects on Saturday in an appearance on Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News program.

Eric Trump on his dad being unable to hold rallies b/c of a pandemic that has killed nearly 90k Americans: “After Nov. 3, coronavirus will magically all of the sudden go away & disappear & everybody will be able to reopen. [Dems] are trying to deprive him of his greatest asset.” pic.twitter.com/9ZGQw9H3JC

We’re in the middle of the biggest public health emergency in a century, with almost 90,000 Americans dead, 1.5 million infected, and 36 million workers newly jobless, so for Eric Trump to claim that the coronavirus is a political hoax that will ‘magically’ disappear is absolutely stunning and unbelievably reckless. The simple fact is that President Trump ignored the threat of the coronavirus for months and has mishandled the response at every step since — destroying the strong economy he inherited from the Obama-Biden administrations and leading to countless unnecessary deaths. Trump’s campaign knows he can’t run on that dismal record so they’re desperate to do whatever they can to throw up a smokescreen to try to conceal his historic mismanagement of this crisis.

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