//Coronavirus latest: a senior royal wants us to *checks notes* work harder | Joel Golby

Coronavirus latest: a senior royal wants us to *checks notes* work harder | Joel Golby

With Prince Charles urging the public to pick fruit for Blighty, the problem isn’t so much the message as the messenger

Now more than ever we could do with firm leadership, strong example-setting, and a nationwide feeling of unity that comes from knowing that We’re All In This Together. Good of Prince Charles to put on his best rumpled gardening jacket and stand port-faced in his own garden telling us all to pick some fruit, then. I was just thinking, “You know what would really get me through the endless doom of this pandemic? Inexpertly grabbing potatoes out of the ground for absolute minimum wage.” And just like that, Charlie came through.

In case you have missed this because you have been indoors desperately trying to do your job through a series of janky video calls while also juggling childcare and shopping for food despite the constant restrictions and doing a bit of exercise without going within two metres of another person while doing it – lockdown resembling a complicated fox–chicken–grain river-crossing task rather than a genuine public health measure – then what you’ve missed is this: Britain’s crops are under threat of mouldering on the vine, and you need to do something about it. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem because our agriculture industry has relied on seasonal migrant workers, but a combination of pandemic flight restrictions and years of government-sanctioned xenophobia have painted us into a bit of a corner, potato-and-pear wise. Hence, Prince Charles.

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