//Confusion mounts over Trump’s true condition after doctor’s Covid briefing – live

Confusion mounts over Trump’s true condition after doctor’s Covid briefing – live

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The microbial path of the coronavirus through the US political realm has upended the election campaign. What happens to the main events coming up in the next month?

October 7: Vice presidential debate

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About 100 donors to Donald Trump’s reelection campaign paid up to $250,000 to have a buffet lunch with him at his private golf club in New Jersey on Thursday afternoon, only hours before he disclosed he tested positive for Covid-19. ABC News spoke with a number of supporters who attended the function at Trump National and came away with differing accounts of how much effort the US president made to keep six feet from his guests.

Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Trump “socially distanced, it was an outdoor event and it was deemed safe by a White House operations for him to attend that event”, but campaign officials would not confirm that social distancing was maintained among the several dozen supporters who paid an extra $50,000 to meet the president inside the clubhouse for a photo.

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