//Adam Devine: Why Do Women Think It’s Okay To Grab My Butt?

Adam Devine: Why Do Women Think It’s Okay To Grab My Butt?

Comedic actor Adam Devine is confused why strange women think it’s okay to grab his butt without his consent.

“If I’m in a huge group, women just grab my butt as if it’s a thing that’s okay,” Devine said during an interview published Tuesday with Glamour magazine.

The “Righteous Gemstones” actor told Glamour that he’s had his “butt cheeks grabbed by at least 25 women,” when asked about “inappropriate” actions of fans.

“Yeah, constantly after shows,” Devine explained. “If I’m in a huge group, women just grab my butt as if it’s a thing that’s okay.”

“And I’m here to say: Ladies, I know it’s a meaty handful and I know it looks scrumptious, but keep those paws to yourselves,” he added.

Devine said he reacts to the groping likely in the same manner women react to such behavior.

“I mean, I feel like I react how a lot of women might react when something weird like that happens: You just awkwardly keep it moving,” he told the magazine. “I’m not going to scream at some girl who just grabbed me, but I don’t know what they thought they were going to get out of that exchange other than a handful of my rump.”

At the height of the MeToo movement, there was little discussion about boys and men being victimized. One of the men to speak up, however, was actor and former NFL player Terry Crews. As noted by The Guardian, Crews claimed he was sexually assaulted by a “high-level Hollywood executive,” though he did not speak out about the incident at the time out “for fear of being ostracized or sent to jail.”

“This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD. Why? Because this kind of thing happened to ME,” Crews revealed.

A much smaller male-focused HimToo movement sparked in the wake of MeToo. The movement focused on male victims of sexual assault and rape, as well as males wrongly accused of sexual misconduct. The media were not fond of the movement, however. HuffPost, for example, criticized the movement as the “#AllLivesMatter of sexual assault.”

As noted by USA Today, Devine appeared in a “Funny or Die” video with then-Vice President Joe Biden on campus sexual assault back in 2016. “College should be a safe place for everybody,” the actor says in the skit.

Of course, Biden, who’s currently running for president, has himself been accused of inappropriate touching.

“For years, Biden has been widely criticized by both the Left and the Right for his overly-touchy interactions, partially with young girls and women. Left-wing darling Jon Stewart even ran a segment called ‘The Audacity Of Grope‘ in 2015 mocking such behavior from Biden,” The Daily Wire previously noted.

Moreover, in March, Biden was accused of sexual harassment by Democratic insider and former Nevada Democrat state Senator Lucy Flores. “I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified,” Flores said, recalling her interaction with Biden at a 2014 political rally. “He proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was embarrassed. I was shocked. I was confused. … I wanted nothing more than to get Biden away from me.”

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