//A world of walls: the brutish power of man-made barriers

A world of walls: the brutish power of man-made barriers

A recent Supreme Court vote in favour of funding for Trump’s border wall has focused attention back on one of the most grotesque aspects of his presidency. But the US regime isn’t unique. From Calais to Hungary, walls are always with us…

The southern border wall, as it is euphemistically known, between the United States and Mexico has come to represent much more than a line on a map. Since the 2016 US presidential campaign, it has assumed the status of an all-consuming ideological crusade for Donald Trump. Propelled into power on spittle-flecked chants of “Build the wall!”, Trump exploited the potency of a simplistic slogan calculated to incite fear and loathing. Migrants fleeing violence or seeking a better life in the US were reframed through Trump’s racist prism as an unstoppable torrent of dark-skinned psychopaths and spongers. Only a wall – Trump’s wall – could save America.

Words have consequences. And so do walls. The latest atrocity in El Paso, when an avowed white supremacist drove for 10 hours to a supermarket used by Latino families in order to murder and maim, was explicitly motivated by Trump’s baleful, anti-immigrant rhetoric. He was also a big fan of Trump’s wall, which Trump himself has rhapsodically described as ‘‘an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall”.

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