//10 Problematic Leftist Films That Could Use Warning Labels—Or Better Yet, We Could Just Laugh At Their Absurdity

10 Problematic Leftist Films That Could Use Warning Labels—Or Better Yet, We Could Just Laugh At Their Absurdity

Variety just published a list of 10 “problematic” films that deserve a warning label a la “Gone With the Wind.” The list includes “Dirty Harry” (it mocks liberal judges), “The Silence of the Lambs” (not trans friendly) and “The Searchers” (it portrays Native Americans as “savage or comical”).

So we clearly need a competing list of 10 liberal films so “problematic” they demand warnings all their own.

OK, we don’t actually want warning labels on these films, or any movies for that matter. Labels are for children, and adults are smart enough to process thoughts and themes from decades ago ‘til now.

That didn’t stop Variety from demanding a movie released less than a year ago, “Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood,” come with a warning about its “regressive” content.

“It’s about two middle-aged white guys who long for the old days in Hollywood; in other words, MHGA (Make Hollywood Great Again). The film is set in 1969, when some Americans felt the status quo was being threatened by minorities, hippies and newly liberated women.”

Especially the hippies out to slaughter the main characters, mind you.

Still, as a way to reach across the ideological aisle, here are 10 sticker-worthy liberal films. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or not!

“JFK” (1991)

What you’re about to see comes from the conspiratorial mind of Oliver Stone. Enough said.

“Truth” (2015)

This Robert Redford vehicle attempted to resurrect Dan Rather’s career. The disgraced CBS News anchor now bloviates on Twitter and CNN, so let’s assume the resurrection didn’t fully take. More importantly, the film says Rather followed solid journalistic standards by reciting the “fake but accurate” mantra.

“The Day After Tomorrow” (2004)

Hollywood loves climate change apocalyptic stories. This one, from hack auteur Roland Emmerich, may cause intense giggles and rampant eye rolling. Consult your doctor before watching from start to finish.

“Vice” (2018)

This Adam McKay fever dream purports to tell the unlikely rise of Richard B. Cheney. Instead, it’s a factually wobbly blog post with killer makeup and a starry cast. And when a movie like “Vice” insists the U.S. invaded Iraq for its oil, but never took over the oil fields, you shouldn’t take it seriously.

“Avatar” (2009)

Even your favorite tree hugger might wince as the film asks us to cheer on blue aliens over Earthlings. It doesn’t help that hack lines like “shock and awe” reached theaters after President George W. Bush went back to his Texas ranch.

“Collapse” (2009)

This “Peak Oil” screed hit theaters in 2009. Fracking went wild just a few years later.

“Bushwick” (2017)

Did you know when the Left/Right civil war begins, the progressives will have the upper hand? Yes, this 2017 turkey tells us so, along with the notion that many Red States want out of the U.S. of A. Sure, it’s a fantasy action romp, and a stupefying one at that, still some coherency should come into play.

“Game Change” (2012)

Sarah Palin has her flaws. All politicians do. Portraying her as a potted plant, not a popular governor reviving a comatose campaign, shows the HBO film didn’t have reality in mind. It won a boatload of awards all the same, to no one’s surprise.

“Sicko” (2007)

If we’re giving out warning labels, better print up a bunch for this filmmaker’s canon and perhaps his dubious brand-building. Any movie telling us you’re better off being sick in Cuba than the U.S. has its head up the wrong place.

“BlacKkKlansman” (2018)

This 2018 film proved director Spike Lee could still spin a dizzying yarn, something he hasn’t done in ages. The movie caps with a montage of news footage featuring the mother of all selectively edited clips. Yes, the Charlottesville Lie makes a vicious cameo.

By the way, the Variety listicle got pummeled by the site’s own readers. It’s worth reading every scathing response, but here are a few golden nuggets.

You guys at The Onion are hilarious! Thanks for the satire but I think you went too far on the unbelievable side.
Tim Gray wants to be the new Tipper Gore. Hey Tim nobody wants to see context, opinions or warnings before watching a movie. Earth to Tim – These are entertainment movies and not politically correct SJW propaganda films. Warnings are not a form of censorship? You are way off mark.
If you’re an adult and you need a disclaimer before a film, to explain that the past wasn’t exactly like the present, you shouldn’t be going out to the movies or anywhere else in public, unattended.
Please, stop this madness. I remember socialism as a teenager (I am from Prague and in 1989 I was 15) and this is very similar to situation before 1989 – many films were blacklisted and forbidden because of some “suitable” reason….how can Forrest Gump do harm? Is this really democracy?

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